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This lovely sparkling cider is a blend of Greening, Northern Spy, Crispin and Baldwin apples. It is crisp and refreshing.
It is 22 oz. bottle or 650ml.

91 rating Ultimate Beverage Challenge '17
$12.99 per Bottle
Bubbly Bantam is off-dry with flavors of lemon drop and citrus notes followed by a peach accent.  It's light and crisp and sure to delight.

89 rating Ultimate Beverage Challenge '17
Best of Class, Gold Medal Winner, Dan Berger International Wine Competition '17

$15.99 per Bottle
$163.10 per Case
A dry white wine that has birght notes of lemon drop and candied apricot with a peach accent.  The wine is crisp and refreshing and finishes with a delicate splash of minerality.

88 rating Wine Enthusiast

$15.99 per Bottle
$163.10 per Case
An off dry wine that is full of rich, ripe fruit flavors.  Aromas of sweet apricot, mango and pineapple dominate this wine.  Bright acid combines with a light, natural sweetness to finish crisp and clean.

$14.99 per Bottle
$152.90 per Case